Quantum Data Systems

The technology and software solutions company under which Wander does its magic. Quantum offers many different lines of products, all of which are on display on the site. Each product has its own personalized artwork and graphics, all according to the desires of Quantum’s general manager and communications department.


Global Access

An international medicine and health tourism company partnered with clinical institutions across the world. The CEO wanted a simple but attractive site, clear in what it offers, inviting and in accordance with the professional tone and code of other health sites. Site in both English and Spanish.


An introductory site for a new data-capture A.I.. Client wanted an engaging and friendly design, as well as an explanation of their product that was understandable for both the tech-savvy and non. Original artwork and video by Wander. All content written by Wander’s team. Site and video in both English and Spanish. Includes a user interface (UI) design for the mobile app.



A web portal for companies seeking to optimize their activities and employees. Responsive and user-friendly web design, easy to navigate and understand. All content and artwork created by Wander. Site itself created by both Wander and Quantum Data Systems. Includes the Integrity application, which was developed in its entirety by our team at Wander and continues to be maintained and updated today.

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