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Put on your sea caps! 

You are the captain and we are your crew.


Point us in the direction you want and we

will forge out the path for you.



Today’s digital world is a complex, expansive place – a beautiful tool with which we can travel to all corners of the world and connect with people from everywhere.

Your company’s online presence is what begins you on your digital path: think of your website as the ship with which your company blazes out into the world, connecting other’s paths to yours.

Many start-ups fail in forging out their digital path, trying to juggle web design, social media and brand identity all on their own. These are rough waters, and those who don’t have a plan and a host of diverse talents will falter and wreck.


If you don’t manage to create a digital presence that is cohesive, strong and engaging, your ship will likely sink before reaching anyone. 

agencia digital especializada

This is where Wander comes in. Together, we will build your online presence and soar your company into the furthest horizons.

Hello captain, let us introduce you to your new crew.

Wander house experts in:

Web Design

The architects and foundation-builders, those who will assemble your ship from the ground up, creating a clean, professional and beautiful website.

Social Media

  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Think of our social media pros as your sailing masters, making sure your ship reaches the shores, and customers, you want it to reach.

Content Writing

The story-tellers. They will present your vision in a way that captivates your viewers and draws people from far and near to your story.


Engineers and coding experts 100% at your disposal, supervising the maintenance of your site and solving any problems that may arise 'on deck.'

Business & Sales

We offer you what others can't: co-captains who are real business owners and commercial managers, advising you on business planning & sales strategies and more.